Company History

Company History

Our History – From Garage to Gurus

Before Chesapeake Search Partners began, we, the CSP’s founding partners, worked together for one of the world’s largest staffing firms for many years. It was during this time that we realized there is a need for a different model of search and staffing in the local market. The greater Baltimore area was no longer responding to a fast-paced, cookie-cutter approach utilized by large staffing firms who focused on the quantity of resumes versus their quality and true compatibility. We saw that the area deserved better, and we knew the 3 of us could deliver it together.

We went on to create a new business model for the searching of talent and staffing of business. This model focuses on team building versus simply matching a resume to an empty desk. All we needed was to execute a consultative, personal approach that provides customized solutions for businesses. We knew how to serve our ideal clients the best way possible, but we knew we needed to start a new company to execute our vision.

In May of 2013, we found ourselves working in the garage of one of our parent’s homes in Towson, Maryland. We knew it was going to be temporary. And it was. In just 2 short months our collective experience, determination and reputations grew our client base enough to allow us to take over a small office a few miles down the road in Towson, Maryland. We have moved to bigger and better in the Towson area.

We have not stopped growing since. We strive to become a household name in the industry as we begin to serve beyond the greater Baltimore area and reach across the Mid-Atlantic. Additionally, our CSP team will continue to grow and to offer greater access to more focused resources for the clients.

The journey continues…

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